Nov 18 - Truckee Ready To Ban Plastic Bags

The Truckee Town Council approved the first reading of an ordinance banning disposable plastic grocery bags, according to The Union. The second reading of the ordinance, which applies to retail establishments and places a 10 cent charge on recycled paper or reusable bags, is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 25.

"(If) we didn’t put a charge on paper, there’s some concern that people would just all of a sudden start switching to consuming paper," said Nichole Dorr, town recycling coordinator. "It really wouldn’t achieve the desired result of the reduction of single-use bag consumption."

If the ordinance is approved next week, Truckee would be the first city in Nevada County to adopt a ban on disposable plastic bags, and the third city in a non-coastal county to do so.

Plastic marine pollution and its impact on marine life and the ocean economy continues to be a source of great concern and the focus of our work to reduce the number of disposable plastic bags produced in California. Clearly though, before they get to the ocean plastic bags are creating havoc—affecting lakes, creeks, municipal storm drain systems and jamming up recycling operations.

That’s why inland communities are beginning to take action in the absence of a statewide ban.

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