Nov 12 - CleanWorld Biodigester Wins International Award

Beating out 16 bioenergy projects from around the world, CleanWorld’s Sacramento BioDigester project won the Renewable Energy World-Power Engineering "International Bioenergy Project of the Year" award in Orlando, Florida this week.

The Sacramento facility is the largest anaerobic digestion system of its kind in the country. It currently converts 25 tons of food waste each day into renewable energy including heat, electricity and natural gas. It also produces fertilizer and soil amendments for California farms.

CleanWorld is currently expanding the facility in order to process 100 tons of food waste per day. It will also produce 700,000 diesel gallons of renewable CNG per year and prevent the release of 18,000 tons of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.

The company is also constructing the UC Davis Renewable Energy Anaerobic Digester (READ) at the former UC Davis landfill. This facility will convert nearly 20,000 tons of food waste into electricity, which will be used to power the UC Davis campus. Last year CleanWorld placed the American River Packaging BioDigester in Natomas, where it produces electrity for that company.

CleanWorld’s proprietary anaerobic digestion technology was developed at UC Davis and uses natural microbes to break down organic waste, generating biogas and other forms of renewable energy.

"CleanWorld is tremendously excited to see our anaerobic digestion technology receive widespread attention and recognition in the US and around the globe," said Michele Wong, Chief Executive Officer in a press release.

Anaerobic digestion systems like CleanWorld’s are a valuable and effective tool to manage food waste rather than sending it to the landfill. The largest component of the waste stream, food waste is easily converted through anaerobic processes and is a great source of renewable energy.

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