Oct 23 - Pittsburg, Mill Valley Give Final Approval to Bag Ordinances

Pittsburg joined two other Contra Costa County communities, El Cerrito and Richmond, this week when the City Council gave final approval to a single-use bag ordinance on Monday.

According to the Contra Costa Times, the ordinance, which goes into effect on Jan. 15, bans single-use plastic bags at retail establishments and sets a 10 cent charge for paper bags. That will increase to 15 cents the second year and 25 cents the third year.

The City of Mill Valley also adopted its bag ordinance on Monday night, after initially approving the ordinance in early September. The ordinance bans plastic bags and sets a 5 cent charge for paper and reusable bags in grocery, convenience, and drug stores. Mill Valley is located in Marin County just north of San Francisco.

This brings the total number of California communities with adopted bag bans to 87.

Even if your community still allows single-use plastic bags, you can help reduce the proliferation of plastic bag waste by bringing your own reusable bag to the store. As more consumers change their behavior and stop using plastic, the momentum for a statewide ban will continue to build.

Want to help your community go plastic bag free? Check out our Bag Ban Tool Kit.

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