Oct 10 - Olympia, Capital of WA State, Passes Plastic Bag Ban

On Tuesday evening, the City of Olympia joined two other Puget Sound area jurisdictions--Thurston County and Tumwater--and passed a plastic bag ban in all retail stores.

The ordinance, like the bans in Tumwater and the County, includes a five cent charge per paper bag and starts next July.

Thurston County's local recycling facility, LeMay, recently stopped accepting plastic bags due to the damage the bags were causing to processing machinery. Recycling is not the solution.

Olympia (population ~48,000) is the state capital of Washington as well as the county seat of Thurston County. Another capital city, Sacramento, is moving towards its own bag ordinance in California.

Find out more about our Campaign on Single-use Plastic Bags.

(photo credit: WSDOT)