Sept 10 - Mattress Recycling Bill On Assembly Floor - Just 4 Days to Go

There are now less than four days until interim recess begins -- SB 254 (Hancock and Correa) will be up for a vote on the Assembly Floor soon.

SB 254 will serve the dual purpose of increasing recycling and reducing illegal dumping of mattresses by requiring mattress manufacturers to establish and implement market based collection and recycling programs for used mattresses.

This measure has received broad support from the mattress industry, businesses, environmental groups and local government.

Local governments spend up to $70 million each year dealing with illegally dumped mattresses—consumers trying to do the right thing by recycling their mattresses are saddled with fees from $20-90. As a result, only a small percentage of mattresses are recycled each year, despite the fact that mattresses are readily recyclable.

There's still time to Take Action and tell your state represenative to support mattress recycling in California by voting "Yes" on SB 254.

Stay tuned for updates on the status of the bill.

Photo Credit: Richmond Confidential

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