Sept 5 - Arcata, Mill Valley Approve Plastic Bag Bans

Arcata just became the first city in Humboldt County to approve a local ordinance restricting single-use plastic bags. According to a story in the Times-Standard, the council approved the first reading of the ordinance on Wednesday night. Once adopted at a second reading by council, it will ban single-use plastic bags at large and small grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores, effective Feb. 1.

"I really think it's time for us at least in Arcata to promote reusable bags," Councilwoman Alex Stillman said.

The council unanimously agreed that stores under 10,000 feet should not be exempt from the ban because it sends a stronger message.

On Tuesday night, Mill Valley’s City Council unanimously approved the introduction of an ordinance banning single-use bags in large grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores. Once adopted later this month, it becomes effective after a 90 day grace period.

With these actions, Arcata and Mill Valley join other communities in California taking action against plastic bag pollution. El Cerrito is also anticipated to adopt its bag ordinance in mid September after initially approving the ordinance in August. By mid September, 83 jurisdictions will have an adopted bag ban.

The widespread adoption of these ordinances in California illustrates the serious nature of plastic bag pollution and its costs to our economy, taxpayers and environment.

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