Aug 30 - Last Day For Bills To Make It Out Of Fiscal Committee

Today is the deadline for bills to make it out of fiscal committee in both houses. Several CAW-supported bills will be heard in Appropriations:

SB 254 (Hancock and Correa) would establish a statewide mattress recycling program.

AB 513 (Frazier) would increase tire recycling by expanding the market for rubberized asphalt concrete.

AB 1001 (Gordon) this bill has been gutted and amended; stay tuned for more information on updates to the Bottle Bill.

AB 1021 (Eggman) provides financial assistance in the form of sales tax exemptions to businesses that process or utilize recycled feedstock.

AB 1022 (Eggman) provides market based incentives for recyclers and manufacturers to use CRT glass.

There’s a lot for both the Senate and Assembly fiscal committees to get through today, so we’ll provide updates as the day progresses and a complete overview on Tuesday.

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