Aug 27 - San Jose Votes on Foam Foodware Ordinance Today

The San Jose City Council will be voting on a proposed ordinance to phase out foam packaging food containers in restaurants this afternoon. According to KQED, this would make San Jose the largest city in the nation to pass such an ordinance if adopted.

The ordinance would be effective starting in 2014 in chain restaurants, and one year later in all other food service establishments by January 1, 2015.

Dozens of other cities have taken a stand against this problem material, which litters our environment, clogs our stormwater systems, and is difficult and expensive to recycle. In 2011, the NIH listed styrene (a major component of polystyrene) as a likely human carcinogen.

You can watch the hearing live--the agenda item is 7.2. Stay tuned for updates.

*2:51 pm* City staff presenting the report on the ordinance to council

*3:47 pm* Taking public testimony after council discussion

*4:13 pm* Ordinance approved, 9-2 vote