Aug 12 - Encore Recycling Brings Jobs to Salinas

Encore Recycling, a facility that will open this fall in Salinas, will accept agricultural plastic and recycle it to make reusable shopping bags. It will also bring jobs to Salinas—lots of jobs.

According to an article in The Contra Costa Times, at least 40 new manufacturing jobs will be filled in October, increasing to about 100 by next year. Command Packaging CEO Pete Grande says the company could hire up to 500 employees if it is successful.

The facility will recycle up to 100 million pounds of agricultural plastic each year into reusable shopping bags.

"The whole vision is to recycle with a purpose," he said. "We're going to take this plastic that growers need to use every year to put food on our table, and instead of sending it to landfills, we're going to recycle it."

Not only does this innovative facility benefit the environment by recycling agricultural plastic, it is helping to reduce the proliferation of single-use plastic grocery bags by providing a sustainable, reusable alternative. It’s also benefiting the local community and economy by providing good, green jobs.

Plastics that will be recycled at the Encore facility will include: irrigation drip tape, almond film plastic, HDPE plastic grape cover and greenhouse film plastic.

Photo Credit: The Telegraph

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