July 19 - Six Tire Bills Advance in the Legislature in August

CAW-supported tire recycling bill AB 513 (Frazier), is one of six tire-related bills that is advancing in the Legislature when it reconvenes in August, according to a story in Rubber News.

AB 513 would expand the market for tire recycling by increasing the amount of funding available through the Rubberized Pavement Grant Program (formerly called the Rubberized Asphalt Concrete or RAC grant program). AB 513 passed the Senate Environmental Quality committee and will move to Senate Appropriations next.

The recycling of tires for rubberized pavement projects reduces the number of tires disposed, while improving the quality of California roads and reducing overall paving and repaving costs. While there are many uses for scrap tires, rubberized pavement continues to be one of the highest and best uses for them. The product makes longer lasting, safer, quieter, recyclable roads and continues to provide a stable end-use market for millions of used tires.

Other tire bills to be considered include:

  • AB 501, regarding the definition of tire brokers.
  • AB 1021, another CAW-supported bill, regarding processors and manufacturers of recycled materials, including tires.
  • AB 8 and SB 11, regarding state vehicle and equipment fees.
  • SB 202, regarding tire sales only stores.

Photo Credit: Illinois EPA

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