July 3 - Today is International Plastic Bag Free Day

Groups across all continents are joining together July 3-10 to call attention to the issue of single-use plastic bags and their impacts. Today is International Plastic Bag Free Day, but activities will continue through the weekend.


Plastic bags are costing Californians millions each year. Up to $103 million in taxpayer dollars is spent on clean up and management of plastic bag pollution. When LA City’s bag ordinance goes into effect in January, one in three Californians will live in a community that has banned single-use plastic bags. Local ordinances, combined with changes in consumer behavior, have reduced the number of plastic bags distributed since 2010--but much more needs to be done to reduce the negative economic and environmental effects caused by this problem product.

You can organize clean-ups, send letters to your decision makers, create figures with plastic bags, record videos of your statements; it’s up to you! Find ideas here.

Join the Facebook group to find out what others are doing. Or go to the website to upload your photos and share stories about what you are doing to help.

Find out more about plastic bag pollution and its impacts here.