June 24 - Mattress Recycling Programs Likely in Three States

Three states are set to lead the way for the rest of the country in establishing mattress recycling programs this year. Connecticut’s Governor signed the nation’s first mattress recycling bill in May, and Rhode Island and California are close behind.

SB 254 (Hancock and Correa) passed out of the Senate with bipartisan support and is now being taken up by the Assembly. This bill, which has been supported by industry, retailers and local governments, would require mattress manufacturers to develop and implement a program to recycle used mattresses.

Recycling used mattresses helps relieve the burden on local governments who are tasked with clean up when mattresses are illegally abandoned on public property. In California, about $70 million per year is spent on clean up and disposal.

Most of the material that is used to make mattresses is readily recyclable, which helps conserve resources. Increasing the number of mattresses recycled will also create new jobs as the market expands.

There are several other product stewardship programs in California, including programs for paint, carpet and mercury thermostats.

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Photo credit: Green Lodging News.

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