June 21 - Innovative CRT Glass Recycler Opens Facility in NY

Nulife Glass has opened its first North American facility in Dunkirk, New York. The company, originally based in the UK, has developed a proprietary system for removing the lead from CRT glass. The lead is then sold to battery manufacturers and the glass is sold for use in other applications. According to a story in Resource Recycling, the facility will handle up to 200 million pounds of CRT glass annually. Plans for other facilities are underway.

"Now there is no need to landfill CRT glass," Simon Greer, Nulife's owner, stated in the release, "and we will open strategic sites to minimize on waste haulage which in some cases is currently being shipped half way around the world."

New technologies for television and computer screens have shrunk the market for CRT glass. Companies like Nulife Glass are helping to provide manufacturers with recycled feedstock and reducing the likelihood that CRT glass will be stockpiled.

That’s why CAW supports AB 1022 (Eggman), which would attract companies like Nulife Glass to California. The bill would provide market incentives for recyclers to offset the cost of separating the lead from the glass. Manufacturer payments will incentivize manufacturers to use the cleaned glass in their products instead of other materials.

Read the press release.

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