June 19 - Padilla Praises LA City Bag Ordinance, Says He'll Bring Back Bag Bill

Senator Alex Padilla praised the LA City Council’s approval of an ordinance that will phase out single-use plastic bags throughout the City, according to a story in the Long Beach Press Telegram. He said he plans to bring back legislation to phase out plastic bags statewide. His bill, SB 405, fell just three votes short of passage in the Senate last month.

"We are planning to bring it back, and any time a city the size of Los Angeles, which is one-third of the state, takes action, it will add momentum to our cause."

Los Angeles is the largest city in the United States to ban single-use plastic bags. With the passage of the LA ordinance, which will take effect for large stores on Jan. 1, 2014, a total of 77 cities and counties in California will be covered. This is a huge step in the effort to reduce plastic waste and pollution, especially plastic marine pollution.

California taxpayers are currently saddled with the clean up costs (as much as $100 million or more per year) when plastic grocery bags blow out of garbage trucks, trash cans and landfills. They clog storm drains, cluster against fences and in trees; they all too often end up in the ocean, where they pose deadly risks to the health of wildlife.

CAW applauds the action taken by the LA City Council yesterday and remains committed to the campaign to end single-use plastic packaging and waste.

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