June 11 - Local Recycler Uses Innovative Technology to Recycle PET

Verdeco Recycling Inc., located in South Gate, is using an innovative new technology to recycle plastics. The company is developing post-consumer PET resin approved to make bottles and thermoformed food packaging. The process, called PET-M (M stands for modification) was developed in the Czech Republic by the company’s partner PTP Group Inc. It uses a silicone-based additive to recover or regenerate the physical and mechanical characteristics of post-consumer PET and it takes less time and energy than traditional recycling.

The President and CEO of Verdeco spoke about the company and its goals in a recent Plastics News article.

"The only way to do what we need to do — increase sustainability of packaging and reduce the carbon footprint — is to have recycled content," said Alex Delnik, president and CEO of Verdeco, in a phone interview.

The company plans to be running at full capacity (50 million pounds) by the end of the year.

California’s leadership in the Recycled Plastic Processing and Manufacturing sector was prompted in part by an innovative Plastic Market Development program under California’s Bottle Bill. That program uses unredeemed CRV money to support and expand the development of California-based enterprises for processing and utilizing recycled plastic.

As part of our continuing work to expand the market for recycled feedstock, CAW is supporting AB 1021 (Eggman). This bill would provide sales tax exemption on equipment purchases to companies that utilize recycled feedstock in either recycling or manufacturing. The bill passed off the Assembly floor with bipartisan support and is now headed to the Senate.

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