May 31 - Tire Recycling Bill Passes off Assembly Floor

A bill to expand the market for Rubberized Asphalt Concrete used in road paving and other projects, AB 513 (Frazier), was approved by the State Assembly this week and will now be sent to the Senate for consideration.

Rubberized Asphalt Concrete utilizes the rubber from recycled tires to create a paving material that is more durable and quieter than regular asphalt. By increasing the amount of funding available to local agencies, the measure will ensure that more tires are recycled.

According to a story in the Antioch Herald, about 23.4 million waste tires are landfilled, exported, or burned each year. If not managed correctly, these waste tires pose a threat to California’s environment, public health, and safety. Stockpiled waste tires are a major fire risk and a breeding ground for disease-carrying mosquitos.

"I had hands-on experience with RAC as Chair of the State Route 4 Bypass Authority and was able to see the direct benefits of this product," said Assembly member Jim Frazier. "This bill will help us be good stewards to the environment and incentivizes the use of this great product in paving and disability access projects."

CAW supports AB 513 (Frazier), which passed off the Assembly Floor with a 63-11 vote.

Tire fire photo credit: CalEpa