May 30 - Bag Bill (Live Updates & Final Vote Tally)

The Senate will vote on SB 405 (Padilla) this week!

Stay tuned to this page for live updates and information on how your Senator voted.

*UPDATE* 1:33 pm. SB 405 fell three votes short: 18-17. The bill did not make it off of the Senate Floor. Please read a statement from Executive Director, Mark Murray.

*UPDATE* 12:07 pm. Still awaiting final count, 6 still haven't voted. See how your Senator voted below.

*UPDATE* 11:51 am. Discussion has concluded. Still awaiting the vote. Check back soon.

*UPDATE* 11:03 am. Senate is taking up SB 405 now. Watch live:

*UPDATE* 10:37 am. Senate is taking up File Item 19. SB 405 is next.

*UPDATE* 10:16 am. Senate is in session. Watch live:

*UPDATE* 9:54 am. The bill is file item number it will likely be heard before 1pm today. Check back in soon for more!



Watch live:


See how your Senator voted below. Find your Senator and contact information here--please take a few minutes to thank them if they voted for the bill.

Anderson, Joel - No
Beall, Jim - Yes
Berryhill, Tom - No
Block, Marty - Yes
Calderon, Ron - No
Cannella, Anthony - No
Corbett, Ellen M. - Yes
Correa, Lou - No
de León, Kevin - No
DeSaulnier, Mark - Yes
Emmerson, Bill - No
Evans, Noreen - Yes
Fuller, Jean - No
Gaines, Ted - No
Galgiani, Cathleen - Yes
Hancock, Loni - Yes
Hernandez, Ed - Yes
Hill, Jerry - Yes
Hueso, Ben
Huff, Bob - No
Jackson, Hannah-Beth - Yes
Knight, Steve - No
Lara, Ricardo - No
Leno, Mark -Yes
Lieu, Ted W. - Yes
Liu, Carol - Yes
Monning, Bill - Yes
Nielsen, Jim - No
Padilla, Alex - Yes
Pavley, Fran -Yes
Price, Jr., Curren D.
Roth, Richard D. - Yes
Steinberg, Darrell - Yes
Torres, Norma J. - No
Walters, Mimi - No
Wolk, Lois
Wright, Roderick D.
Wyland, Mark - No
Yee, Leland Y. - No