May 24 - Sac City to Consider Bag Ordinance Next Week

The Capitol City could soon join the 75 California communities covered under ordinances banning single-use plastic bags. The Sac City Law and Leg committee will consider a proposed ordinance when it meets on Tuesday at 3 p.m.

According to the Sacramento Press, the ordinance would ban single-use plastic bags at certain stores, and allow stores to charge 10 cents for paper and reusables.

Mayor Kevin Johnson supports the proposal.

"The economic and environmental costs of single-use plastic bags simply outweigh any short term benefit," he wrote in a letter. "Phasing out single-use plastic bags will reduce pollution and the costs associated with it."

Read the full proposal here.

CAW applauds communities that have taken a leadership role by approving local ordinances banning plastic bags. We believe it's time for the rest of the state to catch up, so we support SB 405 (Padilla) which would ban single-use plastic bags in California.

Help send a message to the Senate, sign our petition in support of SB 405 and forward to 5 friends!