May 17 - Connecticut State Legislature Passed Mattress Recycling Bill

Props to the state of Connecticut! According to Waste & Recycling News, this week both houses of the Connecticut State Legislature passed a bill requiring mattress producers to develop a mattress recycling plan. It's now awaiting the governor's signature. This first in the nation mattress recycling bill sets an example the rest of the country should follow.

This measure would result in an estimated $1.3 million cost savings for local governments, and Connecticut government officials estimate that municipalities across the state manage over 175,000 discarded mattresses each year.

In California, the problem of illegally dumped mattresses is even greater, and costs local governments up to $70 million in clean up and disposal costs. In addition to the blight they create on communities, dumping mattresses is a waste of resources, as most of the material is readily recyclable.

That’s why CAW is supporting SB 254 (Hancock and Correa), a bill that would require mattress manufacturers to create and implement a mattress recycling program in our state. The bill is supported by mattress manufacturers, recyclers and local governments. It passed out of policy committee with bipartisan support and is in fiscal committee next week.

If you believe in recycling solutions to problems like illegally dumped mattresses, please consider supporting our work.