May 16 - LA County Supes Support Padilla Bill to Phase Out Plastic Bags

LA County Supervisors have taken a stand by announcing their support for SB 405 (Padilla), which would phase out single-use plastic bags statewide.

Supervisor Gloria Molina is quoted in a press release:

"Over two years ago, I introduced an ordinance banning free carryout plastic bags in all unincorporated area stores," Molina said. "Last year, Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz introduced a similar motion banning single-use bags in the City of Los Angeles. I am proud to support SB 405, which would now ban plastic bags in the entire state of California."

CAW supports SB 405, which encourages the use of reusable bags and allows stores to sell recycled content paper bags.

Despite misleading ads and false claims by the Plastics Industry, the facts remain:

• Single-use plastic bags place an extreme financial burden on taxpayers and local governments who pay tens of millions of dollars each year to clean up and manage plastic bag litter.

• Single-use plastic bags pose a deadly threat to turtles, fish and other marine wildlife when they become entangled in bags or mistake pieces of bags for food and ingest them.

• Single-use plastic bags will never degrade; often only used for about five minutes, they remain in the environment for hundreds of years.

You can support SB 405 by signing a petition to the California legislature.

If you believe in the work CAW is doing to end the proliferation of plastic waste, please consider supporting our work.