May 1 - E-Waste Recycling Opportunities Expanded



California's Electronic Waste Recycling Act leads the nation in curbing illegal electronic waste export by only allowing recyclers to be reimbursed for covered electronics that are recycled in the state. The Basel Action Network (BAN), a global toxics trade watchdog group is working to achieve similar standards across the country by certifying e-waste recyclers as e-Stewards.

Staples is the first consumer electronics recycling retailer to commit to using e-waste recyclers certified as e-Stewards by BAN, according to a story in

"This is a breakthrough for U.S. electronics consumers and the environment," said Jim Puckett, executive director of BAN. "Thanks to Staples’ leadership in committing to use e-Stewards Recyclers, consumers now have many more convenient drop-off locations to ensure their old cell phone or computer will be recycled in the most responsible way."

While its great that consumers have greater access to e-waste recycling, recyclers are still struggling to find an end-market for CRT glass as LED, LCD and plasma technology has displaced CRT glass in the marketplace.

That's why CAW supports AB 1022 (Eggman), which passed out of policy committee with bipartisan support, as it will help expand the market for CRT glass and support the development of a California-based recycling infrastructure. It would allow for market incentive payments to recyclers that will help offset cost of separating out lead from the CRT glass. Manufacturer payments will incentivize manufacturers to use the cleaned CRT glass in their products instead of other materials.

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