Apr 29 - Priority Bills Move to Fiscal Committee

Several CAW priority bills passed out of policy committee today. Their next stop is in Assembly Appropriations.

AB 1001 (Gordon), which modernizes California's Bottle Bill, passed out of Assembly Natural Resources by a 6-3 vote; CAW Executive Director Mark Murray testified as the primary witness in support of the bill and explained how expansion and reforms would be implemented.

AB 323, which was introduced by Committee Chair Chesbro, requires producers of significant amounts of yard debris or food waste to subscribe to recycling service; it passed out of committee by a 6-3 vote.

Two bills that will support in-state recycling, processing and manufacturing infrastructure also passed out of policy committee: AB 1021, which passed with bipartisan support, and AB 1023, which passed by a 5-3 vote. Both bills were introduced by Assembly Member Susan Eggman.

A bill that would have preempted local authority to pass local ordinances banning the use of single-use plastic bags, AB 1337 (Allen), was defeated with bipartisan opposition.

Watch the recorded committee hearing online here.

Discussion of AB 1001 begins at 0:26:11.

Discussion of AB 1021 begins at 4:13:23.

Discussionof AB 1023 begins at 4:17:23.

Discussion of AB 323 begins at 6:36:34.