March 26 - Redwood City Adopts Bag Ordinance

On Monday, March 25, the City Council of Redwood City adopted an ordinance prohibiting the distribution of single-use plastic bags in all retail establishments. With this action, they became the 72nd community in California to show environmental responsibility and leadership by reducing the proliferation of plastic bag waste, which causes costly impacts to storm drains, waterways and oceans.

The Redwood City ordinance models the San Mateo County ordinance, prohibiting single-use plastic bags and allowing a charge for recycled paper and reusable bags. Customers who qualify for WIC and CalFresh food stamps are exempted.
The ordinance goes into effect on Oct. 1, 2013.

Senator Alex Padilla is working to bring legislative consistency statewide by introducing SB 405, which prohibits the distribution of single-use plastic bags in retail establishments and drug stores and allows a charge for recycled and reusable bags.

If you believe the time has come to ban single-use plastic bags in California, Take Action! SB 405 will be heard in the Senate Environmental Quality Committee on April 17, 2013. Send a support letter to the chair, Senator Jerry Hill, and let him know you want a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags.

Photo Credit: Us Again