Mar 7 - Recycling Saves Money for Big Automaker

GM diverted 2.5 million metric tons of waste from landfills in 2011 (the equivalent of 38 million garbage bags!). As a result of General Motors doing the right thing, the automaker generates $1 billion a year reusing or recycling materials from scrap steel and paint sludge to cardboard boxes and worn-out tires.

For example, wooden pallets that can no longer be used in the factory are instead used for housing construction. Cardboard shipping materials from various GM plants are recycled into sound-dampening material in the headliners of various models to help keep the cabin quiet. As a result of GM's investment in waste reduction, the automaker has a total of 104 landfill-free facilities worldwide, including 84 manufacturing sites that reuse or recycle 97 percent of their waste.

GM proves that recycling can be good for the bottom line, generating money and creating jobs for local recyclers.

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Photo Credit: Jeffrey Sauger for General Motors