Jan 15 - Support Bag Bans Tonight in Cupertino, Glendale, Half Moon Bay

This evening three California cities are discussing bag ordinances. If you're nearby Cupertino, Half Moon Bay, or Glendale tonight, drop in and make a public statement of support!

We use plastic bags once to hold our groceries for mere minutes (and maybe once more to hold our trash or dirty laundry), but they ultimately end up in our landfill or littering our environment for decades. It's time to consider more sustainable options.


A public hearing on the Reusable Bag Ordinance is being held in the Council Chamber of the Community Hall (10350 Torre Avenue, Cupertino, CA) tonight. The meeting starts at 6:45 pm. View the agenda (Item 15).

The ordinance is based on the San Mateo County model (ban on plastic bags in all stores, 10 cent initial charge per paper or reusable bag). It is expected to reduce all plastic bags in the city by 95%. Council will also discuss a littering ordinance and further direction on a potential food packaging ordinance.

Half Moon Bay

*Updated* Half Moon Bay City Council is discussing a Reusable Bag Ordinance this evening based on the San Mateo County ordinance. The meeting starts at 7 pm at the Adcock Community Center (535 Kelly Avenue, Half Moon Bay, CA).

Click here for the agenda packet (Item 13).


Glendale is voting on a bag ordinance similar to LA County's, which recently reported a 95% reduction of all single-use plastic bags as a result of the ordinance. The ordinance would ban plastic bags in large grocery stores, drug stores, and convenience stores. Paper bags are allowed for ten cents each.

The meeting starts at 6pm in the Council Chamber of City Hall (613 E. Broadway, 2nd Floor, Glendale, CA). See the agenda (Item 8c).