Dec 10 - Support Upcoming Vote on South Lake Tahoe Bag Ban

Tahoe residents--support a cleaner environment!

Tomorrow morning, the South Lake Tahoe City Council will introduce and consider a single-use bag ordinance.

Plastic bags are lightweight, easily airborne, and create a visual blight. They cause a disproportionate impact on our environment and cost millions each year in cleanups, mitigation, and increased product prices. It's time to say good-bye to this unnecessary problem product.

The meeting starts at 9 am in the Council Chambers of City Hall (1901 Airport Road, South Lake Tahoe, CA). The agenda and ordinance details will soon be posted on the city website.

  • If you're free in the morning, drop by to make a public comment in support! Don't forget to thank the council for their environmental leadership.
  • If you're short on time, spare a few minutes and send a pre-drafted email that you can edit. Click here to take action.

Learn more about the Campaign to End Single-Use Plastic Bags. Take action on other plastic pollution ordinances.