Sept 25 - Gov Brown Signs Recycling Bills Into Law

Governor Brown has just signed environmental legislation, including two CAW-sponsored bills.

AB 1933, authored by CAW's Legislator of the Year Assembly Member Gordon, is aimed at protecting the integrity of the Bottle Bill program by reducing fraud from recyclers attempting to import and redeem beverage containers in CA. This measure would lower the load limit a person can import beverage containers into the state before reporting to CalRecycle, and also requires documentation of the source and destination of the material.

AB 1647, also by Assembly Member Gordon, increases the enforcement of the state's tire hauling and manifesting laws to prevent the illegal export of waste tires and creates a new incentive program to support California tire recylers.

Other recycling-related bills that was signed into law include:

  • AB 549 (Carter), protects the integrity of the E-waste fund by clarifying that CalRecycle only pays recyclers for CEW generated in California; authorize CalRecycle to conduct selective audits of collectors and recyclers; and provide dissatisfied recyclers a pathway for administrative remedy.
  • AB 837 by Assembly Member Brian Nestande, which reduces greenwashing of certain plastic containers and had bipartisan support in the legislature. AB 837 provides that manufacturers of plastic food containers would have to verify their recycled content claims upon request by an agency or member of the public. The bill focuses renewed attention on the need for these manufacturers to be able to document their claims of recycled content. In doing so, it simplifies compliance and enforcement of claims made by plastic food container manufacturers.

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