Sept 17 - San Rafael Council Votes Today on Foam Container Phase Out

To all San Rafael residents who want sustainable food packaging...this is your chance to speak up.

The San Rafael City Council is discussing a potential phase out of expanded polysytrene foam takeout containers tonight.

Polystyrene foam waste is difficult to clean up or recycle and does not break down. There are readily available and more environmentally friendly alternatives to foam.

The first reading of the ordinance is this evening in the Council Chambers of City Hall (1400 Fifth Avenue, San Rafael, CA). The meeting starts at 7pm and the item is fifth on the agenda.

Attend the meeting and make a public comment in support of the ordinance. Learn more about the impacts of foam food container pollution.

If you aren't available to attend the Council meeting, you can also send a quick, personalizeable email to the council here. Take action now.

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