Aug 31 - Gordon Recycling Legislation Passes, Other Bills Await Action

AB 1933 and AB 1647, both authored by CAW's Legislator of the Year Assembly Member Gordon, passed the Legislature this week with overwhelming bipartisan support. Both bills are CAW-sponsored.

AB 1933 aims at protecting the integrity of the Bottle Bill program by reducing fraud from recyclers attempting to import and redeem beverage containers in CA. This measure would lower the load limit a person can import beverage containers into the state before reporting to CalRecycle, and also requires documentation of the source and destination of the material.

AB 1647 increases the enforcement of the state's tire hauling and manifesting laws to prevent the illegal export of waste tires and creates a new incentive program to support California tire recylers.

"Improper disposal of waste tires has serious consequences for our environment through emitting incredibly high levels of greenhouse gasses," said Assemblyman Gordon. "This bill streamlines the enforcement process, enabling CalRecycle to be nimble in addressing this real and hazardous problem."

"This bill truly upholds the integrity of the California Tire Recycling Act, and will help protect residents as well as the environment from the toxic harms of illegal disposal of waste tires," said Executive Director Mark Murray of Californians Against Waste.

Next, the bills will head to the Governor's Desk.

Today is the last day for all bills to pass out of the Legislature. Still pending bills are SB 1118 (Hancock) Mattress Recycling, and AB 298 (Brownley) Plastic Bag Ban

Stay tuned as we provide updates to these bills tonight.

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