Aug 23 - LA School District Announces Foam Lunch Tray Ban

This afternoon the largest public school system in the state, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), is announcing a switch away from foam lunch trays.

At a press event to be held at the Thomas Starr King Middle School (4201 Fountain Avenue in Los Angeles) at 12:30 pm, LAUSD Superintendent Dr. John Deasy, along with LA City Council Member Paul Koretz and others will be talking about the negative impacts of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam on the environment.

Kudos goes out to the students and parents who recognized that there are better, more sustainable alternatives and worked to make this phase-out happen.

According to yesterday's media advisory from Council Member Koretz's office, a new study indicating that the material is not successfully recycled will be discussed. EPS is bulky, prone to break into little pieces, easily airborne, and especially difficult to recycle once contaminated with food.

Also up for discussion at the event is SB 568, the statewide bill to phase out foamed takeout containers in restaurants by 2016. The bill is currently waiting for a vote on the Assembly floor and must pass out of both houses in the State legislature by the end of this month.

Support SB 568, and urge your Assembly Member to vote for the bill.