Aug 21 - West Hollywood Adopts Latest Plastic Bag Ban

Yesterday evening, the West Hollywood City Council adopted the latest plastic bag ban...bringing the total number of CA cities and counties that have taken a stand against plastic bag pollution to 52.

According to the LA Times, Mayor Jeffrey Prang said,

"Local governments have been charged, I think rightfully so, to reduce the amount of waste we put in the waste system. [Plastic bags] are costing us money and filling up landfills."

CAW's estimate is that plastic bags cost at least $343 million statewide each year in cleanups, nuisance management, and higher grocery prices. This cost can be easily avoided.

Under the West Hollywood ordinance, paper bags made with 40% postconsumer content can be distributed for 10 cents each. The ban goes into effect in six months for large grocery stores, and in one year for all other retail stores.

If you want a statewide bag ban, it's not too late to support AB 298. Write to your State Senator and urge their support today.