Aug 15 - San Diego Elected Officials Show Support For Statewide Bag Ban

Yesterday morning Assemblymember Nathan Fletcher, along with Solana Beach deputy mayor Dave Jones and environmental groups and activists in the beautiful San Diego area, announced their support of AB 298, the statewide proposal to ban plastic grocery bags.

AB 298 Status: The bill is in the second house, and will be heard in Appropriations this Thursday. If it passes, it goes to the Senate Floor, and then to the Assembly Floor for concurrence. AB 298 must pass both houses by the end of this month and receive the Governor's signature by September 30 in order to become law.

Read the press release from yesterday's event in Kellogg Park.

Despite what the opposition may say, plastic bags have a disproportionate impact on our environment. They are lightweight and small, thus making up a smaller percentage of the waste stream, but unlike other bulkier items like food waste or paper, these bags don't break down.

Local governments spend taxpayer dollars to manage these bags in streets, stormwater systems, and waste management streams. From 2008-2009, Los Angeles County alone spent more than $24 million for overall litter prevention, cleanup and enforcement efforts.

Additionally, they are harmful to our wildlife. Turtles often mistake these bags for jellyfish, and dolphins and other creatures can become entangled in them.

Write to your state senator and urge them to vote yes on AB 298. The fate of the bill will be decided this month as the August 31 deadline approaches. Take action today!