Aug 13 - Seattle Bag Ban Working Well

Seattle’s plastic bag ban is taking off with a smooth start.

Media reports one month after its implementation in July show a nearly equal split between shoppers with reusable bags and those who buy paper bags for five cents each. We expect reusable bag usage to increase as shoppers become more familiar with the idea of bringing their own bags.

Terry Short, manager at Bert’s Red Apple Market, said,

"I think the transition has been a lot smoother than people thought it would be. People are receptive to it. It’s taken about a month to figure out how to do it."

To help make the transition, the City passed out 40,000 reusable bags. Stores have also given out bags and displayed them to remind shoppers to use reusable bags.

Seattle’s first adopted bag ordinance, charging 20 cents per bag, was overturned by a plastic industry funded initiative in 2008. The current ordinance banning plastic bags and charging five cent per paper bag was passed in December 2011.

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