Aug 2 - Solana Beach Gets Ready for Bag Ban Next Week

A week from today, the City of Solana Beach's ban on single-use plastic bags will go into effect. The Solana Beach city council unanimously passed the ordinance to phase out plastic bags in early May.

The Coast News: Plastic Bag Ban Takes Effect August 9

The ban will first apply to grocery stores, pharmacies, and city facilities and after three months other retail establishments and nonprofit sellers will also follow suit.

Councilwoman Lesa Heebner, who supported the ordinance, was quoted saying:

We have a mandate from so many of our residents and businesses around town to do this, I’m proud of our city. I think we did the ordinance right.

Solana Beach is the second biggest city in San Diego County overall, and the first city in the county to pass a plastic bag ban. Retail businesses in the city pass out an estimated 6.5 million single-use carry-out bags every year.

The ban does not apply to plastic bags over 2.25 millimeters thick or plastic bags used for produce, meat or dry cleaning. Paper bags will come with a 10 cent charge which goes to paying businesses for the cost of the bag.

Back in 2003, the coastal city was the first in the nation to ban smoking on beaches.

Learn more about plastic bag bans across the state

Legislators and advocacy groups are working in our capitol to pass a statewide ban on plastic bags. Over 51 communities in California have already passed legislation to phase out single use plastic bags. Plastic carryout bags are easily airborne, can clog waterways and are often mistakenly consumed by marine animals.

If you support the statewide ban on plastic bags, send a support letter to get rid of plastic bags in grocery stores throughout California by 2014.