Jul 27 - Alameda County Adopts Pharmaceutical Take Back Ordinance

Drug manufacturers will soon have to step up and become more responsible for the products they make.

Earlier this week the Alameda County Board of Supervisors adopted an ordinance--the first in the nation--requiring pharmaceutical manufacturers to pay for the collection and disposal of unwanted pharmaceutical waste sold in the County.

Drug companies make an estimated $186 million each year in Alameda County. Their projected cost under this ordinance would be approximately 1 cent for every $33 of pharmaceuticals sold in the County.

Without accessible, affordable options for proper disposal, pharmaceutical waste is often flushed, thrown out, or left in medicine cabinets. Not only does this increase the risk of accidental poisoning or drug abuse, but trace amounts of hormones, steroids, and other drugs have already been found in our water systems.

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The official press release is available online.

Find out more about AB 1442 (Wieckowski), which would allow certain waste generators to transport pharmaceutical waste in a safe and cost-effective manner.