July 9 - Study: UK Should Ban Food Waste in Favor of Anaerobic Digestion


A new study by the UK-based think tank, CentreForum, argues that the United Kingdom should use food scraps for anaerobic digestion and ban the disposal of food in landfills.

In the study, CentreForum asks the UK to support green energy by getting rid of the limitations currently in place for anaerobic digestion.

Anaerobic digestion would prevent methane release in landfills, a side effect of organic decay, and is a source of green renewable energy. When digested, food waste produces both valuable biogas and rich fertilizer.

The study reports that if food waste was completely eliminated from UK landfills and used for digestion the country could produce 11 TWh of energy, enough renewable energy to power 2.5 million English homes by 2020.


See CAW’s plan to tackle food scraps in California.



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