July 6 - Bulgaria To Raise Plastic Bag Fee


In an attempt to reduce even more plastic bag pollution, the Bulgarian government has created a plan to increase its current levy on plastic bags from 9 cents a bag to 35 cents a bag by the year 2014.

The move will be gradual, going from 22 cents this October and increasing to 28 cents by 2013, etc. The plastic bag charge started last fall when Bulgarian officials decided it was time to cut down on the 1.2 billion bags that were being consumed annually in the country.

It is expected that the fee on plastic single use bags will form a niche for bioplastic resins, a shift that occurred back when Italy banned plastic bags.

While bioplastics are becoming increasingly popular in the market, some are unfortunately being greenwashed with false environmental benefits. Read more about CAW’s Bioplastic Enforcement Campaign.

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