Jun 29 - Pasadena, Watsonville, Monterey & Seattle Bag Bans Start Sunday


International Plastic Bag-Free Day is July 3. And at least four cities will have reason to celebrate being free of the plastic bag for more than just a day.

On Sunday, the cities of Pasadena, Watsonville, Monterey, and Seattle will start implementing their plastic bag bans.

Pasadena adopted its plastic bag ban last November. Residents are already preparing for the ordinance and bringing in their reusable bags, according to the Southern CA Public Radio.

Further north, the city of Watsonville, which adopted its plastic bag ban last month, will also roll out its ordinance the same day.

Monterey, home to the popular Monterey Bay Aquarium, adopted an ordinance last December. The City and Aquarium are giving out reusable bags this Saturday before the ban goes into effect.

In Washington state, the city of Seattle's highly anticipated bag ban is also starting its first day next month. The plastic bag ban (with five cent paper bag charge) was adopted last December, after a 2008 ordinance was overturned under heavy industry lobbying.

See the full list of local bag bans in California.

Take action on AB 298, the statewide proposal to ban single-use plastic bags in grocery stores.