June 25 - Vermont Passes Mandatory Commercial Recycling Bill


Governor Peter Shumlin signed into law this month an exciting bill aimed at drastically increasing recycling and composting in the state of Vermont. Currently, only 36% of waste is recycled in Vermont but up to half of the waste headed to landfills can be recycled.

This new law prohibits the disposal of compostable and recyclable material for big waste producers by the start of 2014 and households by 2020. On top of relieving pressure from the two overflowing landfills in Vermont, this bill is one of the first in the country that emphasizes the importance of composting and organic waste sorting for homeowners as well as businesses and apartments.

Similar to Vermont’s law, California’s AB 341 is an ambitious vision of solid waste policy for the new age. Implementation of AB341 is set for July 1st and will expand recycling into multifamily homes and businesses. Combined, these two groups produce two-thirds of California’s waste but have been historically untargeted for recycling programs. Vermont's recycling law and AB 341 are big steps towards making sustainability an easier part of our lives and ultimately making our future more green.


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