Jun 11 - Quebec Announces Updates to Bottle Bill


Quebec’s Minister for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Parks Pierre Arcand announced on Sunday that beverage container deposits will increase to 10 cents per container by the end of this year. This includes beer cans and soft drinks, energy drinks and PET plastic containers and glass soft drinks. Currently, the deposit is at five cents.

Quebecers purchase 390 million cans per year and pay nearly $21 million in deposits on beer and other drink cans, Montreal Gazette reported.

CAW applauds this move to update Quebec's 30-year-old law. Each time California has increased their CRV (1989, 2004 and 2006), there has been a significant increase in recycling rate. As of right now, California enjoys an 82% recycling rate for beverage containers, one of the highest levels in North America.

According to Arcand in a statement: "Our goal is to ensure we maintain the best environmental performance possible. By updating the deposit system, we will improve the recovery rate of containers, and so continue our efforts towards a Quebec always greener, cleaner and sustainable. Countries and progressive states like Sweden, Australia, California and New York have already proceeded in this direction."

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