Jun 18 - Local Co-Op Makes It Easier for Restaurants to Switch from Foam Containers


No more excuses!

One of the most commonly cited reasons why restaurants won't switch from expanded polystyrene takeout containers--which don't degrade, aren't recyclable, and break into brittle pieces that are hard to clean up in our environment--to containers that are recyclable or compostable, is the higher cost.

But a local business cooperative in the town of Los Altos is helping to change all that. The GreenTown Los Altos Co-Op was launched in April 2010.

Anyone (business or individual) can join for FREE and receive up to 25% off the retail price of compostable products provided by the co-op's partner. As the market drives demand towards more sustainable materials, these prices will become even more competitive compared to foam polystyrene containers.

For more information on the co-op, or to join, visit the GreenTown Los Altos website.

Another reason cited for not switching away from polystyrene is performance. But alternative food containers have come a long way since they were first introduced into the marketplace. The compostable products available via the co-op can withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Learn more about polystyrene pollution and why you, and your favorite restaurants, should make the switch.

Take action and support SB 568, the statewide bill to phase out expanded polystrene takeout containers. Weigh in with your Assembly Member--the fate of this bill will be decided later this summer.