May 15 - Fort Bragg Is 48th City/County With Bag Ban, Mendocino County Could Be Next


Local bag bans can make a difference--LA County's bag ban has reduced single-use bags by an astounding 94%.

On Monday, two more local plastic bag bans moved forward in California.

The Fort Bragg City Council adopted a plastic bag ban with a 10 cent charge on paper bags, while a similar proposal for unincorporated Mendocino County moved forward after a first reading of its ordinance. Both plastic bag bans apply to all retail stores.

Forty eight cities and counties are now covered under adopted plastic bag bans, most of which will be operative by the beginning of next year.

The Fort Bragg bag ban goes into effect in large stores this December, and expands to all other retailers one year later.

Read an article on the Mendocino County ordinance. A final reading and adoption will be scheduled for the County Board of Supervisors at a later date.

Plastic bags are easily airborne even when properly disposed, and will break up into smaller and smaller pieces that are difficult to clean up and can actually be mistaken as food by our wildlife.

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