Apr 24 - Despite Opposition, Mattress Recycling Bill Clears Hurdle


More and more communities are experiencing an increased number of illegally dumped mattresses, especially given the foreclosure crisis resulting from the recent recession. This poses significant environmental, economic and social impacts throughout the state.

In order to address illegal dumping of mattresses, Senator Hancock has introduced a bill that would require manufacturers to be responsible for collection and recycling of used mattresses.

SB 1118 (Hancock) would require mattress manufacturers and retailers to take back mattresses for free. Both mattress manufacturers and retailers would be permitted to incorporate an additional charge into the purchase price of new mattresses in order to offset the costs of these recovery programs.

Or, in lieu of establishing a "take back" program, a mattress manufacturer may remit a payment of $25 per mattress sold to CalRecycle, a state agency. CalRecycle would then use the resulting revenue to create a program to recover and recycle used mattresses.

Mattress trade representative was there in opposition to the bill, and CAW was there in support. It got out of Senate Environmental Quality Committee 5-1 and will head to fiscal committee.

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