Apr 22 - Happy Earth Day!

Californians Against Waste hopes everyone has a wonderful Earth Day!

Celebrate the 42nd Earth Day and show your appreciation for our planet. There are many local events and activities planned this weekend--check your local paper.

You can also create an online pledge for your own "act of green". Remember to reduce first, then reuse and recycle. Examples of others' pledges include:

  • choosing reusable items (bags, water bottles, etc.) instead of single-use items.
  • turn off all the lights when I leave the room and unplug unused appliances everyday.
  • Not eat fast food for a whole month out of a year
  • Eliminate use of pesticides and toxic cleaning products
  • Eat more local food.
  • Plant a Garden at School or Home
  • Eliminate use of pesticides and toxic cleaning products
  • walk or cycle whenever possible

It's also National Park Week. Over 100 National Parks have free entrance from April 21-April 29. Celebrate Earth Day by visiting and exploring a Park near you.