Apr 18 - Recycling Co Lists Weirdest Items Found, Says No to Plastic Bags in Bins


A Cincinnati recycling plant recently reported some of the oddest items thrown into recycling bins and ending up at its facility. Rumpke Consolidated Companies Inc. employees have reportedly found a prosthetic leg, lingerie, and even a lizard as nonrecyclables collected by its haulers.

We realize that it may be hard for consumers to determine whether or not some items are recyclable or not. For example, did you know that Mrs. Butterworth syrup bottles are made from #1 plastic, a commonly recycled resin, while Aunt Jemima bottles are #5 and less likely to be picked up for recycling? Read more about the differences here. Local government websites often have a solid waste page that clarifies what can and cannot be picked up by recyclers.

Another item that ends up in recycling bins, and shouldn’t? Plastic bags. "Plastic grocery bags and wire hangers are some of the main items the plant never wants to see because they could get tangled on the assembly line," reports Waste and Recycling News.

Plastic bags negatively impact the environment, and even when properly disposed, they are a nuisance to both recyclers and landfill facilities. For the past eighteen years, the Redwood Landfill in Novato has hired one full time staffer to manage the amount of loose plastic bags in its facility.

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(photo credit: Portland Tribune)