Mar 19 - Nestle Waters Commits to Using 50% Recycled Content


Plastics News reports that bottled water giant, Nestlé Waters, has committed to incorporating 50 percent recycled content for its Arrowhead brand of spring water. In addition, Nestle will be using food-grade PET from CarbonLite Industries LLC’s new recycling bottle-to-bottle plant in Riverside.

Nestlé will buy one-third of the $58 million plant’s output. Separately, bottler PepsiCo Inc. has agreed to purchase 40 percent.

According to Nestle CEO Kim Jeffery :

"PET plastic can be used indefinitely and the best value is to restore to high-grade bottles. It improves our carbon footprint whenever we can make a more renewable product. We would encourage the food and beverage industry to use [recycled] PET in their bottles."

Since 2007, California has been encouraging in-state manufacturers of products and packaging to utilize recycled plastic domestically, from companies such as CarbonLITE, through the Plastic Market Development Program. By keeping the plastics recycling market in state, we help reduce pollution and waste, and increase jobs and economic opportunity in California.

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