Mar 20 - Ojai Bag Ban Amended, Final Vote March 27


The City of Ojai will have a final reading of its revised bag ban next Tuesday, March 27.

City Council was scheduled for a final vote and reading of the ordinance earlier last week, but due to amendments made during the council meeting, the decision was delayed until the next meeting.

According to the Ventury County Star, changes were made to tighten the definition of a recyclable paper bag, remove reporting requirements for retailers, and allow certain plastic bags for restaurant distribution. The ordinance bans plastic bags from all stores in Ojai and requires a 10 cent minimum price requirement for paper bags in grocery stores.

The amended ordinance passed the first reading 4-1 that evening, and will have a second reading for March 27. If adopted, it goes into effect on July 1, 2012. Ojai would become the first city in Ventura County with a bag ban.

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