Mar 8 - Chico Moves Toward Bag Ban


Last Tuesday evening the Chico City Council voted to start working on a plastic bag ban, tapping the Internal Affairs Committee to develop the ordinance.

The vote was 5-2, with an array of comments from council members on both sides of the issue. Read more in an article.

According to the ChicoER, Councilwoman Mary Goloff found it ironic that some comments were focused on the waste of taxpayer dollars to work on a bag ordinance, especially in light of the costs of plastic bags to our environment and economy.

We couldn’t agree more. By CAW’s estimate, Californians spend nearly $350 million each year on plastic bags through litter cleanups, disposal costs, nuisance management in recycling and landfill facilities, stormwater permit compliance, and inflated grocery prices to offset retailer distribution costs.

Learn more about our Campaign to End Single-Use Plastic Bags.