Feb 29 - Local Bag Ban Count Climbs to 41 with Laguna Beach, Ojai to Follow


Yesterday evening the City of Laguna Beach became the 41st local jurisdiction in California with a bag ban. The City Council voted to unanimously adopt the ordinance, which now goes to the mayor for a signature.

The ordinance bans plastic bags at all retail stores (not including restaurants) within city limits. Grocery stores, pharmacies, and convenience/liquor stores must include a 10 cent minimum price requirement on each paper bag distributed. It is effective January 1, 2013.

According to staff, City Council plans to review the ordinance in October and consider including restaurants under the ban.

The City of Ojai also made ground on its bag ban effort. The Ojai City Council unanimously approved a first reading of a bag ordinance during yesterday’s hearing, with a final vote for approval scheduled for March 13.

The ordinance would ban plastic bags at all retail stores and require grocery stores to place a 10 cent minimum price requirement on paper bags. The City Council hopes to next address the problem of expanded polystyrene food containers.

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