Feb 27 - CalRecycle Supports Reverse Vending Machines


California's bottle bill program helped recycle more than 16.5 billion beverage containers last year. Reverse vending machines (which collect, sort and compact used beverage containers) along with traditional staffed recycling centers and curbside programs help to provide Californians with convenient opportunities to recycle and make CA's bottle bill program a success.

CalRecycle has issued new recycling reimbursement rates for beverage containers, effective March 1st. The rate changes will allow rePLANET, owner of over 400 reverse vending machines in CA, to give consumers larger cash refunds and operate more automated recycling machines to make recycling more convenient.

"Recycling beverage containers makes more 'cents' than ever before," said Matt Millhiser, rePLANET’s Marketing Director. "The State’s new redemption rates, combined with our innovations in automated technology, make recycling more financially rewarding and convenient than any time in California history."

CalRecycle’s new rate calculations will increase the per pound CRV redemption rates by seven cents for plastic bottles and three cents for aluminum cans. Consumers recycling their containers by weight will be eligible for the higher rates. The CRV rate per container remains the same at five cents for containers under 24 ounces and ten cents for containers 24 ounces and above.

Previously, insufficient reimbursement rates forced rePLANET to temporarily deactivate its automated recycling machines last summer. When consumers complained, rePLANET reactivated the machines and the State of California began to recalculate the rates. Taking effect March 1, the new rates translate into enhanced convenience and fair recycling refunds for California consumers.

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